Tachyon Racing Drones LLC

Tachyon Racing Drones LLC

Working on new design...

Airfoil Advantage

  • Airflow direction on arms is dominated by prop wash
  • Most drones on the market are flat plate designs.  This is the worst shape for airflow in this direction
  • The influence of aerodynamics increases with the square of velocity (wanna go fast?) 
  • The airfoils direct the airflow, and increase control
    • Increased punch out performance
    • Stops quicker when level
    • Adds lift instead of downforce at high speeds, allowing increased tilt

Rigidity and Durability

  • Many times more rigid than a flat plate design
  • The canopy and battery plate add to rigidity of the frame
  • Stiffness is so high that the resonant frequency is much higher than the vibrations induced by the props and motors.   This keeps coupling to a minimum.
  • Layup is optimized to put additional layers at impact points and high stress areas
  • All components are protected
  • Antenna mounts are made from TPU to reduce stress on SMA connector and RX antenna tubes
  • Designed for 6" Props to maximize rules
  • Thoroughly tested by a crazy pilot!

Weight Distribution

  • The packaging of the components was optimized to minimize polar moment of inertia and minimize overall weight.
  • Minimum motor distance (5 mm clearance for 6 inch rotors)
  • 6 inch rotors chosen to maximize current popular rules
  • Battery sunk into frame and motors dropped relative to battery to keep thrust plane close to CG
  • Camera mounted low to be close to CG as well
  • ESCs in arms with cooling holes
  • Power distribution harness instead of PDB

Testing with the MicroVector

This video we are testing the new Eagle Tree MicroVector flight controller vs. the Kiss controller.

Trying for 100 mph on 4S...

We got close...probably hitting the limit of the motors.    I ordered some more powerful ones....More to come...

About Us



Tachyon Racing Drones LLC strives to make the best and fastest drone frames available. Manufactured from carbon fiber using the latest techniques, our drones will take a beating without compromising weight. An internal battery compartment allows for a more secure battery and stable frame. A removable canopy protects the electronics and makes working on it as quick as 4 screws. Room on top enables the use of a run-cam or Go-Pro. Will be available first quarter of 2017 for Drone Racing!  

One frame ready for sale, making more...$250   ebay store coming soon, if you want it now, email me at mfor1000@yahoo.com



Motor to Motor Distance:  220 mm (clears 6 inch props)

Frame Only Weight: 120 g

With Harness and TPU Antenna Mounts: 167 g

Typical  Weight (-battery) = 370 g

(Heavier than before due to extra layers, to make it nearly indestructible)


Proven Results

7/23/2016 During the IDRA qualifier race in Charlotte, NC, Garrett Forthofer (seen bottom left) placed 4th in his first event ever. Link to flymore here


Check out more of these drones here!

4/16/2017 Two more races, no more frame damage...extra layers of carbon are good!   The last race was a Multi-GP UTT Bessel run of 9.99, DVR to come



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